Api Overview

Api Overview

Base URL

All PdfDesignApi endpoints should be accessed from the base URL. The base URL for the PdfDesignApi is:


Every API call will begin with this URL, followed by the specific endpoint you're targeting.


PdfDesignApi maintains different versions of our API to ensure backward compatibility. You can specify the version you are targeting by including it in your API calls, as shown below:


In this example, 'v1' represents the version number. At this moment in time, the version v1 is the only available api version.

Rate Limiting

Free plans

To ensure fair usage, PdfDesignApi enforces rate limiting on all API endpoints for the free plan. The standard rate limit is set to 10 document requests per hour. When you approach the limit, you'll receive a response header indicating that you're nearing the cap:

Upon reaching the rate limit, subsequent requests will return a 429 'Too Many Requests' status until your usage resets in the next hour.

Paid plans are not rate limited at the moment, but every document requests counts towards your plan limit.

Response Codes and Error Handling

PdfDesignApi uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. In general, codes in the 2xx range signify success, codes in the 4xx range signify an error that resulted from the provided information (e.g. a required parameter was missing, etc.), and codes in the 5xx range signify an error with PdfDesignApi's servers.

Here's a brief overview of common status codes:

Status CodeDescriptionNext Action
200OK – The request was successful.Use the response like you desired. It`s what you may expect it to be
400Bad Request – The request could not be understood or was missing required parameters.Check the response body for details what to change before trying again. This will not count towards your document generation limit
401Unauthorized – Authentication failed or user does not have permissions for the requested operation.Please check your used api token, eventually regenerate it and check the integration docs how too exactly use it
429Too Many Requests – Request rejected due to rate limit being exceeded.Try the same request again in the next hour
500Internal Server Error – There was an error on PdfDesignApi's server.We prefer to say this`ll never happen but we all know that they occasionally do. We`re already notified and directly drop everything to make sure you can retry the call with an 200 status as soon as possible. Take a coffee, enjoy it in a moment of rest and think a (not too long) moment about the sweating your fellow developers at PDFDesignApi are currently doing. Try it again later.